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We are passionate about our mandate to provide an in-depth personalized bespoke service on every Colour Therapy Consultation. We enrich, nourish and develop a global audience by providing a superior brand to our customers, shareholders and corporate sponsors. Trust and personal responsibility is at the forefront of all our client relationships leading to a Colour Healing atmosphere through Holistic Colour & Paint Design..


SherryAnn Fogah

Hi! I'm SherryAnn,
An entrepreneur, mother of five and an unshakable believer in the deep power of colour therapy and how it can change your life. For as long as I can remember, I have been a deeply spiritual person and have believed that we as humans, can truly get through anything that life brings to us. It is these lessons that often shape who we are, and what we do in life. A few years ago, like many other families, I went through an incredibly difficult divorce. It was probably my lowest point, as a mother, and as a woman - and yet, it was also the pivotal situation that inspired me to learn about colour therapy and shift my life.

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