Our paint contractors take the load off painting you're newly built home, newly built business, office space or rental unit. Our professional painters come into your establishment, making sure all items are covered, moved and handled with great care. From prepping all damage areas to executing the desired Paint Colour of your choice, along with the help of our Colour Consultant!

Paint Services Include

Test The Colour Service

Ease the FEAR of choosing the wrong colour.

It's different to visualize what certain colour will look like in different rooms and settings... Why not let Holistic Colour & Paint Design supply sample size containers upon your desired project need.



From complex to simple


Walls, Ceilings, Trims, Crown Moldings, and Doors.


Siding Pillars, Decks & Fences, Garage Doors, Outside Doors and Window Trims/Pane

Painters are NOT colour consultants... Painters just Paint!

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